MacBook Repair Canterbury, Kent Uk Mainboard Repair
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MacBook Repair Canterbury, Kent Uk Mainboard Repair


Apple MacBook Pro Motherboard Repairs Canterbury Kent  & UK Wide (2009-2019 Models)

The logic board of your MacBook Pro is often the most expensive part to replace of your system, often shops will say it can not be repaired then charge a fortune for its replacement. Atlantis MacBook Pro motherboard repairs in Canterbury are different, our technicians can often replace individual board level components that have failed, these can often lead to no power or backlight. We also offer a graphic chip repair service, a common fault in some of the older models was the GPU, we can often get this up and running again saving the need for a new logic board, we also offer a one year warranty against the same fault returning, if we are unable to repair your mainboard we charge just a £15 inspection fee.

Atlantis MacBook Pro Mainboard Repairs in Canterbury Kent have repaired many MacBook Pro laptops over the years and are always happy to give free advice. We offer a walk-in service or you can use our postal repair service by clicking the Add to Cart Button



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