MacBook Repairs Canterbury, Kent Uk Keyboard Repair
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MacBook Repairs Canterbury, Kent Uk Keyboard Repair


Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Repairs, Replacement Canterbury Kent & UK Wide

Atlantis has been providing MacBook keyboard repairs in Canterbury for many years via a walk in service, we also offer a Uk postal repair service which can be booked by clicking the Add To Cart Button. As the keyboard is the most used part of your MacBook Pro, its not surprising its normally one of the first parts to fail. It can render your MacBook almost useless on what otherwise may be a perfectly healthy machine.

You could of course get a new MacBook Pro , or use a USB keyboard but seems a shame after the large investment you made buying your machine, especially when we can offer MacBook Pro keyboard repairs relatively , often at less then 15% the cost of a new MacBook. Atlantis MacBook Keyboard repairs in Canterbury Kent will fit a brand new keyboard, plus we include a one year warranty to ensure you get plenty more use from your MacBook Pro. So why not pop in or use our postal service and let us help you get back to work as soon as is possible, and if you have any questions feel free to drop us a message or call



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