MacBook Repair Canterbury, Kent, UK Liquid Damage Repairs
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MacBook Repair Canterbury, Kent, UK Liquid Damage Repairs


MacBook Repair Canterbury, Kent, UK MacBook Air Liquid Damage Repairs

Water and electrics never mix well, if your Apple MacBook Air has suffered a spill, Atlantis MacBook Air water damage repairs in Canterbury are here to help, we have saved many Apple MacBook Airs over the years, we are even able to repair board level components, often saving customers hundreds of pounds. We will remove all the key parts of your system,  cleaning any corrosion that’s occurred, then inspect and repair any smd components which are available. Hopefully your MacBook Air will then be back to normal, and you will be charged only our fixed rate.

If we find your hard drive, screen etc has also became damaged we will contact you with any additional cost before going ahead, if your machine is not cost effective to be repaired, we will only charge an inspection fee of £15.

Atlantis offer both a walk-in service in Canterbury or a postal repair service, our postal service is available by clicking the Add to Cart Button, once your repair is complete we provide a 1 year warranty, if you have any questions feel free to pay us a visit, or give us a call or email



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