Lenovo Laptop Liquid Damage Repair Canterbury Kent Uk
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Lenovo Laptop Liquid Damage Repair Canterbury Kent Uk


Lenovo Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent & Uk Wide

Water damage can effect your Lenovo laptop in many different ways from just the odd letter on your keyboard not working to no power at all.  We offer Lenovo laptop water damage repairs in Canterbury as a drop of service, and nationwide via our postal laptop repair service available by clicking Add to Cart. Once we have your laptop we will instantly begin a deep clean removing as much damage caused by the liquid as we can, we will then replace any blown ic components which are available, in the majority if cases our set fee will cover the full repair and save you buying a new laptop, if however more costly parts are deemed beyond repair we will contact you to advise of cost and time.  If we find your machine will cost more to repair then replace, we will only charge a £15 inspection .



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