Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent UK
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Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent UK


Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent & UK Wide

If your laptop has suffered liquid damage, in most cases this will lead to keyboard issues, but worse still your logic board will normally also suffer damage to the delicate board level components, causing corrosion to mosfets , capacitors and many more components, this can often lead to having a laptop that’s only use is as an expensive door stop.

Atlantis water damage laptop repairs in Canterbury Kent has many years of experience in repairing liquid damage. We first  need to completely disassemble your system, treating each component for corrosion damage, and then replacing any  SMD component which has became damaged and can be sourced. This service in most cases is all you will need, however if we find for example your hard drive has failed or your screen needs replacing we will contact you prior to proceeding, with a full cost of parts. And if  worse comes to worse and your laptop will cost more to repair then replace we charge just £15 for our time.

We provide laptop liquid damage repairs in Canterbury Kent as a walk-in service, or nationwide via a courier, this is available by clicking Add to Cart. In most instances our set fee will cover the full repair cost, however if the cost is greater we will contact you and advise before proceeding.



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