iPhone 10/X/XR/XS/Max Back Camera Lens Repair

iPhone 10/X/XR/XS/Max Back Camera Lens Repair


iPhone X/XR/XS/Max Back Camera Lens Repair Canterbury

The  back camera lens on your iPhone isn’t the easiest part of your iPhone to break, but it can happen, leading to blurred and poor pictures then being taken,  a shame after you have brought a device with a high pixel camera. If left to long the camera itself can then become damaged owing to scratches on the camera , leading to a more expensive repair. A lens repair is one off the cheapest repairs we offer, so no need to wait.

We can often replace your lens in less then an hour in our store based in Canterbury,  you can now also use our postal or courier service by using the Add To Cart option

  • iPhone X/XR/XS/Max lens
  • 1Yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
  • Free Screen Protector