iPad 6th, 7th Battery Repair Canterbury Kent Uk

iPad 6th, 7th Battery Repair Canterbury Kent Uk


iPad 6th 2018 & 7th 2019 Battery Repair, Replacement Canterbury Kent Uk Wide

If you suspect you battery in your iPad may need to be replaced, you can now check, by going to settings, battery and health, we find on average that a health below 75% would benefit from a replacement battery. We only use quality Batteries, that use high quality cells, and will correctly show the battery health, you will often find poorly made batteries are programmed to always show as 100% health, and do not meet required safety requirements, so be concerned if you see a battery available for a low price, as these are often poorly manufactured and will not improve the battery life for a long period.

This repair includes the supply and fitting of a brand new battery into your iPad , and includes a 1 year warranty on your new part. You can drop you iPad into our repair shop in Canterbury , or use our postal service by clicking Add to Cart



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