Dell Laptop Liquid Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent Uk
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Dell Laptop Liquid Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent Uk


Dell Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent & Uk Wide

Is you Dell laptop having problems after liquid spillage, all may not be lost, Atlantis can in 70 percent of cases repair your laptop for £100. We will immediately remove your battery if not already removed to prevent power going into your system. Your key components will then be removed and washed in a special cleaning solution to prevent additional damage. Once your components have been cleaned and dried we will attempt to repair any damage caused to the mainboard, replacing any smd required. If additional components need to be replaced such as a hard drive or LCD we will contact you prior to their replacement and advise of any additional cost prior to proceeding. If we find you notebook to be uneconomical for repair we will only charge £15 inspection. You can bring your Dell to our laptop repair shop in Canterbury or use our postal service by clicking the Add to Cart Button. We also include a 1 year warranty on your repair



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