Asus Laptop Liquid Damage Repair Canterbury Kent UK
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Asus Laptop Liquid Damage Repair Canterbury Kent UK


Asus Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury Kent & Uk Wide

Have you been unlucky enough to spill your drink onto your Asus laptop, first thing to do is not panic, switch off and unplug your machine immediately, and if possible remove your battery. Then drop it of to us or send it to Atlantis Asus laptop repairs in Canterbury,  we will immediately dismantle your laptop and take out all the key components and clean them to help prevent damage, once your Asus laptop has been dried , an engineer will try to identify any motherboard damage and replace any faulty board mounted components, in most cases your machine will then be back to working condition , and all you will pay is our set water damage fee, if we also find your hard drive has been effected or your LCD a member of staff will contact you and advise of any extra cost before proceeding , there will be no hidden charges, in the unlikely event we find the damage is beyond economical repair, we wont even charge you our set fee, we will only charge a £15 inspection . This service is available through our drop of service in Canterbury or if your not local you can use our postal service by clicking Add to Cart.



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