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  • iPhone 10/X/XR/XS Screen Repair

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    iPhone X/XR/XS Screen Repair Canterbury

    The iPhone X was released 3/11/2017, and was the first model to be released without a home button, giving a larger display area, as the screen sits deeper into the frame on this model, we have found it is more likely to become damaged due to side impact, often the screen will not crack, but will show no display or lines. Luckily we can replace your X /XR/XS series screen for you in our iPhone repair shop in Canterbury, often whilst you wait, or if you prefer you can also use our postal or courier option by using the Add To Cart button on this page.

    We only use advance screen and digitizer displays, ensuring that you get a screen that will provide a great display, with accurate touch. Don’t be fooled by lower prices, as there are so may different qualities off screens available, the lower price often results in a shorter life owing to weaker glass, and quality chips and displays being used. We provide a 1 year warranty with all our iPhone screen repairs, plus free screen protectors

    • iPhone X/XR/XR Screen
    • 1Yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
    • Free Screen Protector
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