iPad Pro 2015/16/17 Battery Replacement

iPad Pro 2015/16/17

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  • iPad Pro 2015/16/17 Battery Replacement

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    iPad Pro 2015/16/17 Battery Replacement Canterbury

    Over time your iPad Pro battery will begin to fail, tell tell signs of this are, you will find that despite charging your battery to a 100 percent , the battery will quickly go flat and turn off at 10 or 30 percent. Atlantis only use batteries sourced from trusted suppliers. Using high quality cells, that offer long usage and and safety, that include a 1 year warranty.   Owing to the design of the pro there is a minor risk that your LCD may fail during the repair owing to the strong bonding used, this would not be covered under the repair fee for the socket, and would be charged separately   We offer a drop in service at our iPad repair shop in Canterbury , or you can also use our postal service by clicking Add to Cart

    • iPad Pro Battery
    • 1Yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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