PlayStation 4/PS4 (BLOD)Blue Light Of Death Repair

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  • PlayStation 4/PS4 (BLOD)Blue Light Of Death Repair

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    PlayStation 4/PS4 (BLOD)Blue Light Of Death Repairs Canterbury

    The light of death has been used for a number of years for game console faults, it sounds very dramatic and tragic. Luckily in most cases your console can be saved. The blue light of death is normally a solder point connection issue under your APU chip, its a very similar issue to the yellow light of death on the PS3.  Atlantis PS4 repairs in Canterbury will use a infra red soldering station to professionally re solder any oxidized pads bringing your console back to life. We will also include a one year warranty for good measure. If we are unable to safe your PlayStation 4 , your only charged a £15 inspection fee.  If your near to us in Canterbury, Kent you can drop your PS4 into repair, if not you can use our Uk PS4 repair postal service, this can be ordered by clicking the Add to Cart button, and then checking out

    • PS4 BLOD Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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