MacBook Pro Battery Repairs, Replacement (2009-2019 Models)

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  • MacBook Pro Battery Repairs, Replacement (2009-2019 Models)

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    MacBook Pro Battery Repairs, Replacement Canterbury & UK Wide (2009-2019 Models)

    If your looking for a MacBook Pro battery repair in Canterbury, or anywhere in the Uk Atlantis is here to help. We offer a walk-in MacBook Pro battery replacement service in Canterbury Kent or nationwide postal service available by clicking Add To Cart.

    We use only recognised branded batteries, these include high-quality cells, that allow up to a 1000 charge cycles, which for the average user will provide 2-3 years of perfect battery life, that will correctly record the battery life that’s left, they also include advance protection against excessive discharge, and safety protections.

    People will often look for the cheapest battery repairs available online and we would never claim to be this, simply because batteries are not all produced to the same quality, as you have probably found when you have brought a pack of AA batteries for a £1 and they drain in next to no time, the same goes for Apple MacBook Pro battery replacements, the cheaper battery will use cheap cells, normally with cells with a 3rd of the capacity of the original, wit